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Wednesday, December 21

Where does the time go?

I have not blogged in so long. I can not seem to find the time nor the energy to get it done. Work is busy. Home is busy. I am in school. We are moving. I am tired. I have so many excuses...and all of them valid...but none of them anything you want to hear, probably.

Did you see that up there? Where I said I am in school? I AM!!! I am back in school. I just finished up the first course with a PERFECT score. It was tough getting into a studying routine, but I think I FINALLY got it. At the end of the course. Just in time for it to finish and us to move.

Oh yeah. We are moving!!! FINALLY! We are getting our own place. With our own stuff. And our own space. We are mostly moved in already because we got the keys on the 2nd of December. The final move-in will be on the 28th. That day we will basically be JUST moving Lorelli's final stuff (bed and dresser). AND THE BEST PART?!?!?! We will be sleeping there that night. FINALLY. This day has been in the works forEVER! Our kitchen is pretty much set up. We have to move a couple more kitchen appliances that haven't gone yet because we (meaning, I) use them regularly and don't want to go without them until next week. The bathroom is sooo pretty thanks to my MIL who bought basically everything for us for the bathroom as our Christmas presents. We have to put the REAL stuff in it, though. You know the bathroom essentials like toothbrushes and hairbrushes and SUPPLIES, etc. The master bedroom has the bed and night stands but not much else. And the living room is completely empty. It will be until the end of January or early February, though, when we purchase a new living room set. The {OTHER} best part though???? IT WILL BE ALL OURS!!!


OK - I have things to do. I will SERIOUSLY try not to stay gone so long. I miss you guys and your words of kindness. 


Tuesday, November 1


Sooooo, in my last post I said that I was getting better about posting, but I notice that it has been a month and two days since my last post and I am ashamed!!! Well, not really ashamed, but at least shocked. I love blogging. I love sharing with you guys. I miss "seeing" a lot of the ladies that used to comment on my blog so often. Then I realize that we have become true friends and that I text them and Tweet with them and stalk them on FB, so they really don't HAVE to come to my blog to see what all is going on in my world, anymore. But I am glad that YOU ALL still drop in. Some of you are new to me and some of you have been here for QUITE some time. And you know what? I am thankful for every single one of you that stops in and reads about my chaotic little world!!!

So, let's see...what has been up in our world, lately? I started back to school at Capella University to get my degree in Human Resources Management. It's a bit tougher than I expected, but I think that it is definitely the way to go for me. I do NOT have the time to commit to going to a class two to three times in a building far from home. But going to school on my home computer and being able to write my papers and interact with my classmates several times a day via the discussion boards and e-mail works VERY well for me. And so far.....I have gotten all perfect grades on my assignments.

The other big thing in our life is that Jennifer got a new truck. We got a new {to us} 07 F-150. It's super nice and much bigger than her old Ford Ranger. We had not really planned on getting her a new truck ANY TIME soon, but it became necessary because she was in an accident two weeks ago which TOTALLED her old truck.


Sunday, September 18

Weekend frolicking

Hey all!! I am getting back to being better with this blogging thing. Does it make you happy like it does me?

This week was an easy one for the most part. Up at dawn. Get Lorelli ready for school. Head to work. Get things ready for the first board meeting since the spring. Leave work. Pick up the kid. Come home and make dinner. Get her in bed too late. And then, finally crash with Jennifer. And not sleep well. That was the theme of the week, it seemed. But that's ok. It doesn't mean that we get to be cranky and whiny about it, does it?

Thursday Jennifer and I had Date Night. We were going to go to the gym but my board meeting ran late, then there was traffic getting home, then a plate of dinner had been prepared for me so I had to eat, and then there was no time to go to the gym before our movie started. I am a bit bummed. It's been quite some time since we went to the gym, and I am feeling the effects of that. But we DID get to go to the movies. I almost wish we had just stayed home and watched a movie. Contagion is such a horrible movie you guys. I am not even joking. I was bored. I didn't care about the characters and it had a horribly anti-climactic ending. I really had high expectations for the movie since the book was soooo good and there was such an amazing cast, but alas, I was LET DOWN HARD!!!!

On a more positive note, we are taking Lorelli to the Sciencenter today to do another photo shoot for the exhibit that will be opening nation wide in the spring of 2012. She is already on their website looking cute with her LONG hair. And this morning she is going back to do some more. Here are a couple pictures from last time.

Well, I have to get up and moving now. I have to get ready before she gets up or we will never leave on time.


Thursday, September 15

Last hurrah

I think that yesterday was the last hurrah for summer, here. Today when I woke up the temperature was 54 degrees outside. I watched the weather channel this morning and the high for today is...wait for it...54 degrees. It's all downhill from here, baby. Temperature wise that is. The day started out a bit rainy but supposedly that is going to clear out by this afternoon. And then the low is 35 degrees this evening. WHEW! The weather man even said that we MIGHT wake up to some FROST in the morning. *EEK* Lorelli wore shorts yesterday and a zippy and raincoat and rain boots today. CRAZINESS!!!

Speaking of Lorelli. You, of course, know that now she is SIX years old. And NOW she is a first grader. I can't believe it. FIRST GRADE!!! Kindergarten was one thing - yeah she's in the public school system. She is learning things. She is being social. but FIRST grade. That's a real NUMBERED grade. They'll be doing REAL school SUBJECTS! They will be studying Language Arts. And science. HOLY MOLY! She even looks bigger. These are her this year.

This is her last year on the first day.

The glasses make her look a little bit older but not really. They are still very much KID glasses. Oh yeah...did I tell you that the poor child is BLIND! She has a SEVERE astigmatism, according to the doctor. Worse than mine is. She is SIX and needs glasses already. But she has already stopped complaining of her head hurting now that she is wearing them. And she is not squinting near as much, either. So, I guess they are helping her.

Ok....now that you've gotten a quick update...I have work to do. I am done with my little break. Have a great day!!!


Monday, September 5

Where does the time go

Saturday was Lorelli's SIXTH birthday. Can you believe it? Some of you have been here QUITE some time and have watched this little munchkin grow, just as I have. She has gotten to be such a big girl.

Jennifer and I were up until the WEE hours of the morning finishing up her playhouse as best as possible and getting the house cleaned and her presents set up on the table so that when she woke up she would be able to see them.

We let her play in her play house and sandbox a little bit while we tried to wake up and drink some coffee (Jennifer) and tea (me). My mother-in-law made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with whipped cream on top and we put a 6 candle on that so she could blow it out and make a wish.

Then we loaded up in the car and headed to Rochester to go to the National Museum of Play for the day. She tried on old timey clothes, she visited 123 Sesame Street, took a picture with Sister Bear, did some grocery shopping at Wegman's, and rode the carousel.

All in all, I would say it was a good day. We spent 5.5 hours in the museum, then went and had ice cream, then drove home. She was crashed out so hard that Jennifer had to carry her in and accidentally bonked her head, yet she kept on sleeping. And then she slept until after NINE A.M. on Sunday. 

Yesterday we lounged around all day watching movies and doing laundry and recuperating. 

Today, I am making her cake : Raspberry with vanilla frosting! 

Hope you are all enjoying your wonderful holiday weekend. See you soon. 


Tuesday, August 30

Gone Baby Gone

WOW! On Saturday, Lorelli will be SIX years old. I can not believe how time flies. She will be going into first grade. She showers by herself. She puts away her own laundry. She wears a size 11 & 12 shoe. She has these ridiculously long legs. How did all this happen?

How did we go from THIS :

TO THIS?!?! 

YIKES!!!! But Jennifer says that this growing thing just HAS to happen. Otherwise there wouldn't be any grownups in the world. So, I guess I will let it continue. 

For her birthday she wants a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. I think I am going to talk her into doing a raspberry cake because Jennifer is allergic to strawberries and she wants to be able to eat the cake, also. Whatever I make, it can't be any more difficult to make than last year's rainbow cake!!!! 

Saturday, July 23

Back from Vacation

We are back from our melting vacation in Texas. Oh my goodness was it hot. The day we got in it was 109!! That's ONE. HUNDRED. NINE. DEGREES!!!! WHEW!!! I am just not made for that kind of heat anymore at all. I have been out of Dallas for almost 7 years. And this trip home reminded me why!!!!!

On the upside, Jennifer and I got to go walking/jogging for a couple mornings while in Dallas before the temps hit the 90s.

I got to have a big party on Saturday night with different friends from high school, Fry's, and my family. I spent time with my family first because I knew that they would be leaving first. Thankfully, there were people that knew each other in each of the little "cliques" and they were able to converse with each other while I flitted from group to group. I had a great time. Everyone brought amazing food. I got some great little gifts from friends and family! I think we had about 30, maybe a few more, people at my bff's house. Her and her husband were great to let us have the get together there. Jennifer and my bff and I cleaned up the whole house and yard the day of the party and got everything ready. Then I mixed up and seasoned about 40 something hamburgers, which my loverly wife was gracious enough to grill up once people started showing up.

Me and my loverly wife 

My step-dad, uncle, and aunt

My friend Sabrina, her bf, and an old friend, Tony

My mom

Benjamin, Clint, Larry, Jason, and his wife

Me & Lety

Jennifer and Spammy

Sunday we went out and hung out with my godmother and her husband and daughter. I haven't seen them in over a year and it was nice to sit around and chat. Jennifer got to voice her opinions and I once again confirmed that fact that I am a total other breed of person that my siblings! It felt great!! haha

Monday I got to meet up with my awesome bloggy friend, Julie. Our kids hung out in the children's reading area and we sat in the cafe of B&N and chatted for a while. It was really great to see her and talk to her, IN PERSON. I just love that girl. And then we got some photos to commemorate the visit with us and with the kids. Once again, my loverly Jennifer acted as photo ninja and snapped some pictures.

Me and Julie outside Barnes & Noble

too bright to pose for pictures
L and Bucket and Ironman

chatting about a dinosaur book

Julie takes her coffee seriously, she brings her own cup
And then, Monday afternoon, we picked up my nephews and got on our way to South Texas...I will blog a bit more about that next time. Now...I have to do laundry! So, I leave you with one last picture of the kiddos in the car as we are headed out of town!!