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Tuesday, August 30

Gone Baby Gone

WOW! On Saturday, Lorelli will be SIX years old. I can not believe how time flies. She will be going into first grade. She showers by herself. She puts away her own laundry. She wears a size 11 & 12 shoe. She has these ridiculously long legs. How did all this happen?

How did we go from THIS :

TO THIS?!?! 

YIKES!!!! But Jennifer says that this growing thing just HAS to happen. Otherwise there wouldn't be any grownups in the world. So, I guess I will let it continue. 

For her birthday she wants a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. I think I am going to talk her into doing a raspberry cake because Jennifer is allergic to strawberries and she wants to be able to eat the cake, also. Whatever I make, it can't be any more difficult to make than last year's rainbow cake!!!!