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Thursday, May 26


I am feeling kind of blah today. I let something really get to me yesterday when I probably shouldn't have. A high school friend of mine posted a link to a website as his Facebook status and asked his friends to join him in boycotting Home Depot. I was not angered by his post...everyone is welcome to have their own opinions...BUT I WAS UPSET by the page that he posted. It was just....filth.

I have been so lucky to be supported by such amazing people in my life since meeting Jennifer and falling in love with her and marrying her. I know that there are VERY anti-gay people and groups out there. But, thankfully, I have not had to face them too often. I was not raised in that kind of judgmental family. And none of my friends have ever been that hateful. And here in Ithaca, people are very open and friendly and liberal, so Lorelli has not had to face other people's hatred and judging.

I DO know it is out there. I read about it from afar. You see it on the internet. I know about it from the work that we do on the Crisisline. I am not SO unicorns and rainbows that I think that the world has changed and grown so much that all people will accept all other people. I DO pray for that day, though.

Because I was so upset, I went back and re-visited some of the things that my amazing friends have said to me in the last year and I wanted to share them with you.

"I LOVE YOU. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HAPPY. I ALWAYS WILL......it doesn't make me care about you or your happiness any less. It doesn't mean that I don't want to continue to be your friend, or be part of a four headed goddess with you.....But I am truly glad that she gives you what you've needed for so long, and I want you to be happy, loved, valued, all those things that you deserve!!!"

"Girl or boy, lady, i am glad you are happy. It is super cool that you found what you want!"

"I am glad you're happy - well I guess to be honest, it would be more like spaz-out joyful - the way one is when one is in the thores of love. "

"And, as I said, I care about YOU and your sexual orientation, who you are married to or your religion are not factors in our friendship.......I think loving ALL people is important and don't go around making public stances against people for any reason"

Those are just a few of the amazing things that the people I surround myself with have said to show me that they love me and are behind me. I just needed to get this out of my head. Thanks for sticking around and reading. 


Wednesday, May 25

Still kicking

I have not posted in a bit and I know I promised a Mother's Day post. I just have not had time to sit down and write lengthy posts. I am so sorry.

Mother's Day was actually pretty great.

We had reservations at this amazing little bistro on the outskirts of town. The food was....DIVINE. That's the only word I have for it. Jennifer had some absolutely delicious oatmeal crusted french toast that just melted in your mouth. Lorelli had these awesome pancakes (that she shared with me) that had this delicious little citrus butter and strawberries on top. I have never had citrus butter, but MAN it was GOOOD! My breakfast was a simple eggs and bacon with roasted potatoes (which I shared with Lorelli). My eggs were so good that I did not even salt or pepper them. I just ate them. They had been cooked in that same citrus butter that was on Lorelli's pancakes. Jennifer and I both had mimosas. Our breakfast came with a basket of pastries and a choice of a fruit cup or a parfait. I can not even tell you how good it all was. Seriously, it was completely drool worthy.

We left breakfast satiated and ready to take on the beauty of the day. We went to Home Depot and Lowe's and bought a bunch of stuff to get our garden going. Flowers, dirt, mulch, rocks, ground cover plants, hanging pots, a bird feeder. TONS. OF. STUFF

We spent the afternoon, Lorelli included, digging up and weeding and willing the two GOOD SIZED flower beds in the back yard. In these we planted phlox and poppies which are BEAUTIFUL!!! Our phlox is not doing so well now, but after we planted it, it went three days because someone (me) forgot to water it. OOPS!!! I am hoping that it perks up, but if it doesn't, I am taking it back to Home Depot and getting my money back. (Did you know you can do that?)

We got to take a nap while Lorelli played and hung out with Grandma.

We worked in the front garden beds, clearing them of the debris from the fall decorations. Then we weeded and planted in them and covered them back with little white marble chips.

We got a little bit of sunburn. But mostly...we just enjoyed the day together. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And we didn't have to do anything except BE.


Tuesday, May 10

Easter - QUITE late

So, I have been lackadaisical about posting here and I am sorry. Work got crazy busy. I started a new blogging project. We were sick {as a family} almost ALL April. And just...UGH!!! I really wanted to post about Easter, but Jennifer and I got Salmonella poisoning from her baby chicks at work. So, even though we had a wonderful day - I never got around to posting about it because we felt horrible.

So here are a few pictures from Easter to tide you over while I finish my post about the wonderful FIRST Mother's Day as a complete family, which I hope to have posted tomorrow.