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Wednesday, December 21

Where does the time go?

I have not blogged in so long. I can not seem to find the time nor the energy to get it done. Work is busy. Home is busy. I am in school. We are moving. I am tired. I have so many excuses...and all of them valid...but none of them anything you want to hear, probably.

Did you see that up there? Where I said I am in school? I AM!!! I am back in school. I just finished up the first course with a PERFECT score. It was tough getting into a studying routine, but I think I FINALLY got it. At the end of the course. Just in time for it to finish and us to move.

Oh yeah. We are moving!!! FINALLY! We are getting our own place. With our own stuff. And our own space. We are mostly moved in already because we got the keys on the 2nd of December. The final move-in will be on the 28th. That day we will basically be JUST moving Lorelli's final stuff (bed and dresser). AND THE BEST PART?!?!?! We will be sleeping there that night. FINALLY. This day has been in the works forEVER! Our kitchen is pretty much set up. We have to move a couple more kitchen appliances that haven't gone yet because we (meaning, I) use them regularly and don't want to go without them until next week. The bathroom is sooo pretty thanks to my MIL who bought basically everything for us for the bathroom as our Christmas presents. We have to put the REAL stuff in it, though. You know the bathroom essentials like toothbrushes and hairbrushes and SUPPLIES, etc. The master bedroom has the bed and night stands but not much else. And the living room is completely empty. It will be until the end of January or early February, though, when we purchase a new living room set. The {OTHER} best part though???? IT WILL BE ALL OURS!!!


OK - I have things to do. I will SERIOUSLY try not to stay gone so long. I miss you guys and your words of kindness. 



Comeca Jones said...

I have seriously missed your posts! Your home is looking especially great! Happy holidays to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm really glad Jennifer's ok and no one was hurt in the accident!

Anonymous said...

And THAT comment was suppose to go on the last entry LMAO My internet connection has a mind of it's own tonight!

LOVE the new place! LOVELOVELOVE

I hope yall will be very happy there!