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Saturday, July 23

Back from Vacation

We are back from our melting vacation in Texas. Oh my goodness was it hot. The day we got in it was 109!! That's ONE. HUNDRED. NINE. DEGREES!!!! WHEW!!! I am just not made for that kind of heat anymore at all. I have been out of Dallas for almost 7 years. And this trip home reminded me why!!!!!

On the upside, Jennifer and I got to go walking/jogging for a couple mornings while in Dallas before the temps hit the 90s.

I got to have a big party on Saturday night with different friends from high school, Fry's, and my family. I spent time with my family first because I knew that they would be leaving first. Thankfully, there were people that knew each other in each of the little "cliques" and they were able to converse with each other while I flitted from group to group. I had a great time. Everyone brought amazing food. I got some great little gifts from friends and family! I think we had about 30, maybe a few more, people at my bff's house. Her and her husband were great to let us have the get together there. Jennifer and my bff and I cleaned up the whole house and yard the day of the party and got everything ready. Then I mixed up and seasoned about 40 something hamburgers, which my loverly wife was gracious enough to grill up once people started showing up.

Me and my loverly wife 

My step-dad, uncle, and aunt

My friend Sabrina, her bf, and an old friend, Tony

My mom

Benjamin, Clint, Larry, Jason, and his wife

Me & Lety

Jennifer and Spammy

Sunday we went out and hung out with my godmother and her husband and daughter. I haven't seen them in over a year and it was nice to sit around and chat. Jennifer got to voice her opinions and I once again confirmed that fact that I am a total other breed of person that my siblings! It felt great!! haha

Monday I got to meet up with my awesome bloggy friend, Julie. Our kids hung out in the children's reading area and we sat in the cafe of B&N and chatted for a while. It was really great to see her and talk to her, IN PERSON. I just love that girl. And then we got some photos to commemorate the visit with us and with the kids. Once again, my loverly Jennifer acted as photo ninja and snapped some pictures.

Me and Julie outside Barnes & Noble

too bright to pose for pictures
L and Bucket and Ironman

chatting about a dinosaur book

Julie takes her coffee seriously, she brings her own cup
And then, Monday afternoon, we picked up my nephews and got on our way to South Texas...I will blog a bit more about that next time. Now...I have to do laundry! So, I leave you with one last picture of the kiddos in the car as we are headed out of town!!



Comeca Jones said...

You guys were in our neck of the woods! Next time shoot an email!I'm glad you had
fun and a much deserved break.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad y'all had a good time. NOW COME VISIT GEORGIA! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Wishing you all much happiness. :) Jazmenha (CCL)

Christy Lynn said...

Hey lady, how come no new blog posts? Everything going okay?

Love said...

You all look SO HAPPY !!!!


I'm glad things went well. I always come home from vacations needing another vacation ALONE lol