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Wednesday, July 6


It's been a while since we have had a good countdown on the blog. And now...we are in the last days of a good countdown! We are going on our first big flight required family vacation. We are taking a week and going down to  Dallas and Corpus. We are going to see my friends and family in Dallas for a couple days and stay with my best friend like I always do. We are planning on having an adult double date night out on the town the first night we are there. The second night we are having a BBQ birthday bash for ME with a bunch of my different friends, along with some of my family. Our Sunday and Monday are totally wide open and I am hoping to get some visiting time in with my good friend, Julie. And then we are heading down to Corpus and Padre to get our beach on. We are taking my nephews with us for their first ever vacation. They have only ever been away from the house two nights in their whole lives and they are 7 & 9 years old. Lorelli is sooo looking forward to hanging out with her cousins and going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. We are also planning on catching a baseball game while we're down there. It is a pretty low-key vacation with not too many big plans. Mostly just relaxing and hanging with friends.

But MAN - Could it JUST get here ALREADY?!?!


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Christy Lynn said...

Lucky you!! Wish I could go to TX to see you while you're there :) Hope you all have a totally FANTABULOUS vacation, my friend!