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Thursday, September 15

Last hurrah

I think that yesterday was the last hurrah for summer, here. Today when I woke up the temperature was 54 degrees outside. I watched the weather channel this morning and the high for today is...wait for it...54 degrees. It's all downhill from here, baby. Temperature wise that is. The day started out a bit rainy but supposedly that is going to clear out by this afternoon. And then the low is 35 degrees this evening. WHEW! The weather man even said that we MIGHT wake up to some FROST in the morning. *EEK* Lorelli wore shorts yesterday and a zippy and raincoat and rain boots today. CRAZINESS!!!

Speaking of Lorelli. You, of course, know that now she is SIX years old. And NOW she is a first grader. I can't believe it. FIRST GRADE!!! Kindergarten was one thing - yeah she's in the public school system. She is learning things. She is being social. but FIRST grade. That's a real NUMBERED grade. They'll be doing REAL school SUBJECTS! They will be studying Language Arts. And science. HOLY MOLY! She even looks bigger. These are her this year.

This is her last year on the first day.

The glasses make her look a little bit older but not really. They are still very much KID glasses. Oh yeah...did I tell you that the poor child is BLIND! She has a SEVERE astigmatism, according to the doctor. Worse than mine is. She is SIX and needs glasses already. But she has already stopped complaining of her head hurting now that she is wearing them. And she is not squinting near as much, either. So, I guess they are helping her.

Ok....now that you've gotten a quick update...I have work to do. I am done with my little break. Have a great day!!!


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Toby E. said...

So big and oh so cute! Love!