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Monday, September 5

Where does the time go

Saturday was Lorelli's SIXTH birthday. Can you believe it? Some of you have been here QUITE some time and have watched this little munchkin grow, just as I have. She has gotten to be such a big girl.

Jennifer and I were up until the WEE hours of the morning finishing up her playhouse as best as possible and getting the house cleaned and her presents set up on the table so that when she woke up she would be able to see them.

We let her play in her play house and sandbox a little bit while we tried to wake up and drink some coffee (Jennifer) and tea (me). My mother-in-law made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with whipped cream on top and we put a 6 candle on that so she could blow it out and make a wish.

Then we loaded up in the car and headed to Rochester to go to the National Museum of Play for the day. She tried on old timey clothes, she visited 123 Sesame Street, took a picture with Sister Bear, did some grocery shopping at Wegman's, and rode the carousel.

All in all, I would say it was a good day. We spent 5.5 hours in the museum, then went and had ice cream, then drove home. She was crashed out so hard that Jennifer had to carry her in and accidentally bonked her head, yet she kept on sleeping. And then she slept until after NINE A.M. on Sunday. 

Yesterday we lounged around all day watching movies and doing laundry and recuperating. 

Today, I am making her cake : Raspberry with vanilla frosting! 

Hope you are all enjoying your wonderful holiday weekend. See you soon. 


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