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Wednesday, April 20

Capture the Everyday : Mother Earth

{**SIDENOTE** I posted this yesterday because I, apparently do not know my days of the week. Yesterday was Wednesday. And TODAY is Thursday. So....if you head over there NOW then you will be able to check everything out.}

So...this is my first time joining up with Mel over at Adventuroo for her Capture the Everyday meme. I have been lurking over there for a while, though...and I believe I may have even DE-lurked and posted once. But that could be a lie. I am not entirely sure of myself. What I DO know is that I like reading her blog and I like the idea of remembering where we are at today - for many years from now. That's probably why I take so many darned pictures in the first place. :)

So, the assignment today is in line with the upcoming Earth Day (April 22) to capture something that you are doing to help Mother Earth. So...here is my submission, my resealable sandwich and snack bags. These things are amazing. I have two different kinds in the picture - the zipper bag with the awesome skulls is from ItzyRitzy and the two velcro ones in the bottom are from PBGreen. The ItzyRitzy I love for their zippers. The inside is a "thick and lush PVC free waterproof liner." The velcro ones are lined with "water-resistant,  food safe fabric, that does not contain DEHP, phthalates, or BPA plasticizers." They both come in the CUTEST designs.

I decided to start using these one day when I thought about all the plastic baggies that we were adding to the landfills in our house. We are doing our best to be more earth-conscious and "green." We recycle. I am working on getting a compost bin going this spring. We have joined a CSA and will be supporting our local farmers. We buy local and eat local when possible. This just seemed like the right thing for our family to do. And I feel good about NOT sending my loverly wife and {sometimes} wonderful daughter off with plastic to throw away!!!

I am interested to see what everyone else is posting as this is my first time. I am sure there will be looots of fun pictures for me to go through. So...click the badge up there at the top and head on over and see what others are doing for Mother Earth (but you may have to do it sometime later because it doesn't seem that she has posted yet today.....).



Melissa said...

LOVE those! I've had some etsy shops in my faves for WAY TOO LONG and I just need to suck it up and buy them! Those are too cute!

Thanks for linking up... and for de-lurking!


Comeca Jones said...

Hi glad to see you back and thanks so much for joining me in my lil world.I will be back! BTW I felt a lil bad reading this we have slacked on recycling so this is encouraging .I must do better about that.:)

Erin said...

I love these bags!! Especially the owls.. I have to stop reading. I feel like every week I find more and more things to buy!

LucidLotus said...

I am totally obsessed with those bags, but only own one because I am paralyzed by too many choices. Zippers or velcro? Owls or robots? It's so hard to choose so I just don't which is totes lame. Which do you recommend?

Paige Puckett said...

What a great idea! I'm going to have to switch over from the disposable plastic ones to reusable.

Jenny Wilkins said...

Those are so cute! I haven't came across them before but will definitely browse around for some. Happy Earth Day!

Alissa said...

Those bags are so cute. Love 'em.