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Monday, April 25

Positive thoughts

I was just reading something the other day about how we are more vocal when it comes to our complaints than to our compliments....I want to post positive thoughts on here for the next couple posts. Today...I want you to know why I love my wife. It's not about the money she spends. Or the things we have. It's about much more than that. It's about HOW she shows me she loves me. Check out my list below and let me know what your loved one does to show you how much they love you. Try and think of something small that you noticed or something maybe they think that you don't notice. And then...hey...why not tell them thank you for that specific thing. :)

She knows I hate sweet potatoes.
She knows I love all things lemon.
She recognizes when I have lost some weight.
She helps motivate me to stay healthy so that I can live a long fun-filled life with her.
She listens when I talk and hates to make me sad.
She calls to say I love you.
She texts or calls to say she is running late.
She sits at the table at a restaurant, and enjoys the conversation after we are done eating instead of rushing to get us up and out and on to something else.
She tells me I am beautiful.
She helps to hang up the laundry.
She takes out the trash - sometimes.
She reads our daughter bedtime stories.
She showers with me.
She works with me on saving money so that we can plan fun things to do with our family.
She gives me a salad fork at dinner because I think dinner forks are too big.
She takes care of Lorelli's morning routine two mornings a week when she could be sleeping.
She accepts that I am not always as "pretty" as I seem to be.
She is honest and straight forward with me, whether I like it or not.
We have fun together.
We laugh. A lot!
She holds my hair when I throw up - even if it is on the side of the road and my own darned fault!!
She likes me.
She loves me.
She married me.


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