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Monday, June 6

BBQ at Buttermilk

Lorelli had been talking all weekend about how Monday is about the soldiers. We told her this is true but that it is a day for soldiers that have passed, whether in life, war, combat, or anything and that we pray for them and honor them on Monday. Well, recently, we got an American flag to hang in our front yard. So, every time she passed our front window (the whole weekend) she would bow her little head and put her hands together and say some kind of little prayer for the soldiers. It was pretty much one of the cutest things she has done in a while. One time she told me that her little prayer was, "Dear God, I am sorry that the soldiers had to die. I hope they are happy now and that their moms and kids are not so sad."

Monday Lorelli and I were both off and Jennifer had to work a little bit. But we planned on attending this awesome BBQ out at Buttermilk Falls with a bunch of friends from her old job site. It was HOT HOT HOT on Monday. Like seriously...95 degrees or something. That's pretty darn hot for up here. And there was no cool breeze. If I have your phone number, you probably received a text saying something along the lines of, "Days like today make me rejoice for the feminist movement. No way would we survive in hoop skirts, petticoats, and full body bustiers!" But, I digress. We went to the falls and had a FANTASTIC time hanging out and chatting.

At first, there was only Lorelli in the kid age group. And then two other little kids, and then 3 more, then 1 more....you get the picture. By the end of the picnic there was a group of 25+ people and lots of kiddos. We had brought some Crayola color bubbles and some sidewalk chalk for her to play with in case she was the only kid. She's pretty good at entertaining herself most of the time. She took her sidewalk chalk down to the bottom of the hill and started drawing. A kid from the picnic came down and drew with her. And  then another. And then a random kid from the park. And another. Pretty soon, I think that every child in Ithaca was there coloring on the sidewalk at the park. It was SOO great!

A waterfall to the lake

hard at work
A whole town's effort

And of course....since we were at the falls....there was some water play. There were plenty of signs that said NO SWIMMING!!! But that didn't stop us from sticking our feet in.

Her co-worker's young daughter

3 happy girls

The afternoon turned out to be a huge success and everyone there had a a blast!


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